A Better Maintenance Page with Bypass for WordPress

After using many wordpress maintenance mode plugins I decided that they all had a problem in that they relied on the database to either redirect or display a maintenance page. If the site is going into maintenance mode so you can work on the database then this could present a problem.

WordPress Email Double Opt-in GDPR using Gravity Forms

Using Gravity Forms to implement a simple double opt-in method for any newsletter app. In this example I’m using Campaign Monitor. As far as I’m aware and I’m no legal beagle is that for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will be enforced on 25 May 2018 is that consent must be given for the purpose of data processing which includes recording that consent was given.

Olark Advanced WordPress Integration

Wouldn’t it be even better if you could pull more data back from your WordPress install (data only available if the user is logged in)? Data such as yes they are logged in, their name, email address.

www or non-www Website Structure

Search engines see www and non-www website structure of the same domain as different website addresses, this can be seen as duplicate content because of the same content served on both addresses.

Campaign Monitor exit survey with Gravity Forms

Want to gain an insight into why the Campaign Monitor subscriber hits the unsubscribe link? here is an exit survey set up using Gravity Forms

Export Woocommerce reviews from WordPress

To export the product reviews we need to exclude the comment_author ‘WooCommerce’ and join to the wp_posts to return the product title

Edit Data in an mdb Database via VBscript

Change data in a mdb database via a VBscript? Great when setting a boolean set to true when it should be false that your client could run

Google Calendar BackUp

This is a Visual Basic script that backs up your online Google calendars. All you need to do is copy the code into a text editor such as notepad or my favourite Ultra Edit then save the file as Calendar-BackUp.vbs

Get Yoast SEO Data

GetYoastData outputs to the browser your WordPress keywords that can be used with the On-page Optimisation in MOZ feature

CS Cart Download Order Details

Download the basic order details for analysis from CS Cart using MySQL (& phpMyAdmin)